Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thing #6

Thing #6 was as bad in terms of "sucking up time" as was Thing #5. Mashups look great. I really like the idea of the kids creating their own Magazine cover and doing a voice layover for it to either bring in text from a particular work or as a MC explaining how the cover relates to a particular work. However, it is going to be much more labor intensive than mosaics and I will have to go back to it when I have more time to figure out all the steps!

Thing # 5-Flickr

This step ended up being a time trap for me. Once on the site I was not content to just check out the site and figure out how to set up mosaics--no I had to set up a personal account, a family photo album, and send out invitations to family members. I can see where this site could be beneficial for the students. Setting up tone or plot mosaics for a particular story would be fun for them while providing a way to incorporate exercises for 'differentiation.' Be careful about spending too much time on this step!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fiddledeedee on Four

Thing #4 Done! Now on to the exciting stuff. I can hardly wait until my blog name shows up on the list. I am feeling ignored.

lookbook: Go Girls--You Will Love It

lookbook: One Word...

Thing #3

This step was the most difficult to go through. Not because the content was difficult, but because the links that were set up sent you further ahead into step 4 before you should be there. I accidentally set up my blog before I finished with Thing #3. Otherwise the process has been alot of fun!

Thing #2

Of the seven and 1/2 things I believe that making the goal is actually the easiest for me. It has always impressed me that you are 80% more likely to accomplish a goal by simply writing it down in active form (In five years I will be the president of my own company). The thing that is the most difficult for me is the actual listing of tasks. It sometimes feels that I am spending all my time making lists instead of working on my goal! #2 down which means that I have also complete #3...but I save that for a new post!